Asbestos Surveying

Prevent the Spread of Dangerous Asbestos Particles

Prevent the Spread of Dangerous Asbestos Particles

Schedule asbestos testing before construction in Altamont, Albany, NY or the surrounding area

Materials containing asbestos are extremely common in older homes. Are you planning to start heavy construction or demolition? The federal government has strict laws concerning asbestos surveying. Contact D&S Mold Assessment today to get certified asbestos testing in or around Altamont and Albany, NY.

Ensure you're compliant with all state and federal asbestos laws. Call 518-495-9189 (Todd) or 518-420-5772 (Derek) today to learn more about your responsibilities with asbestos testing.

When should asbestos surveys be performed?

Although most asbestos materials were banned from use in 1970, many homes still contain asbestos that could be released into the air during construction. You should schedule an asbestos survey in the following scenarios:

  • You're preparing to demolish a building
  • You're planning to renovate or remodel a building

Many building departments won't issue permits until you can show documentation for asbestos testing. Speak with us today to follow all the proper procedures in the Altamont, NY area.